Introduction to Residencies

Demand for housing in Colombo as well as in suburb is increased resulting an urban sprawl over the paddy, coconut and rubber cuitivations. It is of paramount importance that the lands that have the true potentials of housing development should be identified and developed as residential development on time that the harmful sprawl is retarted.

The proposed land is one of our owned lands, where the land clearing, allocation of common facilities and providing infrastructure facilities are already done. However, no Development is done at the Place so far. It is the time for an attempt to re think from both the aspects of technical and financial feasibility to develop the land with a new concept of master planning.

Location of the site

The land is located in an area with a low building density. The growth of vegetation in the contact nearby, bring a potential to the location to develop into a place for those who desire to live away from the feeling of City Life. South-west of the site is bounded by a long strip of paddy fields and the vast expansion of growth of bushes on marshy beds of the lake bring a character to the place. The location is go through with main road that runs from Pitipana to Thalagala. One boundary of the site is formed by the 20 feet private road that is proposed to expand upto 30 feet providing comfortable access to the main road. The distance from the class “B” roads keeps the site away from the traffic and pollutants.

Residential Development
Loa Rise Apartment Residencies
No Commercial Development
Sustainable at Location

Concept Formulation

  • 06 Separate Blocks & 36 Housing Units
  • 36 Standard Parking Facilities
  • A Management Corporation for maintenance
  • 08 Units in Block ‘A’ & 04 Units for Block ‘B’